Encouragement for February 22, 2017

​”A word of wisdom a day keeps distractions and foolishness away.”

In the eyes of God, He sees no one as better than the next person. God desires that everyone respect one another in words, deeds and actions. For those who have problems with what to say in regards to others, as well as how to view and treat others, God has a way of wording a person’s mouth and taming their tongue whenever a person starts saying things about others that they should not say. God also has a way of causing a person who looks down on others to have to be brought down to the point in which they have to look up at the very people that they have disrespected and looked down on. When a person’s speech, sight and heart becomes crooked and out of alignment, God has a way of straightening those things out in a person’s life if the person does not straighten and correct them on their own.

Psalm 101:5 says “I will stop anyone who secretly says bad things about a neighbor. I will not allow people to be proud and think they are better than others.” (ERV)

Be blessed, be encouraged

and have a great day.



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