The “F” Word: Walking In Divine Forgiveness

Notes from this morning’s message 

Date: March 5, 2017  

Speaker: Bishop Sherman C. Gee Allen

Scripture References: Psalms 103:8-12, Isaiah 38:17, Micah 7:19, Matthew 6:14-15, Romans 3:21-25, 2 Corinthians 5:19, Colossians 2:13-15, James 5:15-16 & Revelation 12:10-11


1) We are most like God when we walk in forgiveness. 

2) Theological Forgiveness is God’s forgiveness of us.

3) Propitiation is the effect of forgiveness on God; sin offering to change God’s mind from wrath to favor and acceptance; the sacrifice made for sin.

4) You must choose to forgive. 

5) God does not give us what we deserve.

6) Expiation is the effect of forgiveness; not on God, but on sin itself; covering; blotting out.

7) Atonement is reconciliation; bringing man back to God.

8) Social Forgiveness is our forgiveness of others.

9) Personal Forgiveness is our forgiveness of ourselves.

10) Unforgiveness makes you forever the victim of the past. 

11) Until you forgive the person who hurt, wounded or violated you; you are forever tied to them.

12) One of the blessings of forgiveness is, it qualifies you to be forgiven. 

13) One of the hardest parts of being a Christian is walking in forgiveness because we feel as if people do not deserve it.

14) Forgiveness is predicated upon love. 

15) You must love the unlovable. 

16) When you choose not to forgive, you will remember what the person did.

17) Forgiveness is not easy work.

18) As long as you are focusing on the pain, you will never forgive. 

19) Unforgiveness is a lack of faith.

20) Unforgiveness makes a person feel as if they can protect themselves.

21) Forgiveness is not saying “It did not hurt; it is saying, it does not matter.” 

22) God forgives us, not because we deserve it but because He loves us.

23) In God, all sins are the same but man judges sins on different levels.

24) People justify their unforgiveness according to the way they have been hurt, not realizing how much they have hurt God.

25) Everyone is an “ex” something.

26) When you fail to forgive, you give memories power. 

27) When you forgive, it breaks soul ties. 

28) God will allow people to hurt you in order to test your maturity. 

29) You can be blessed, and still be wrong.

30) You have not forgiven when you have no compassion. 

31) Maturity is not based upon what you do at church, it is based upon your heart.

32) Forgiveness is emotional detachment from the source of the pain.

33) Until you deal with the “F” word, your heart is still wrong. 


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