ABC’s of Faith: How Faith Works

Notes from this morning’s message

Date: March 26, 2017    

Speaker: Bishop Sherman C Gee Allen

Scripture References: Mark 11:20-24 & Hebrews 11:1-4


1) When God impresses upon your heart to do something, the enemy will tell you not to do it.

2) There is something underneath my faith that holds it up. 

3) You have the ability to build your life by the Word of God.

4) The power of God is in you. 

5) The power of God is not predicated upon a title in a person’s life. 

6) If faith works for everyone else, it can work for you.

7) God is about to give you access through His word. 

8) Access is not predicated upon personality. 

9) Do not allow others to disqualify you because of your failures. 

10) The Kingdom of God is voice activated. 

11) God decides what He wants; He speaks to what He has; out of what He has comes what He wanted.

12) God is about to give you acceleration by the Spirit of God. 

13) When you speak the Word of God, you can change your circumstance by what you release. 

14) When God gets through working in your circumstance, it is going to look like it it was never there before. 

15) When you speak the Word, something is going to be different. 

16) My faith is getting ready to work.

17) Light is constant; it never changes.

18) God is about to let things happen overnight. 

19) Your faith is stronger in the fellowship of believers.


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