Encouragement for May 8, 2017

“A word of wisdom a day keeps distractions and foolishness away.”

There is no one in the world that knows everything. God placed people on earth for one another so that one person could help another. Even in receiving advice and counsel from others, there is wisdom because a person who feels as if they know it all and will not receive nor listen to the advice of others can bring problems upon themselves. If you would trust God, He will never lead you in the wrong direction, even in seeking advice or counsel. God will always lead you to the right person, but the key is to always seek God and not just go to anyone on your own, because God will always send you to the right person for your situation that will be able to give you the best advice and the wisest counsel.

Proverb 12:15 says “The way of a foolish person seems right to him. But a wise person listens to advice.” (NIRV)

Be blessed, be encouraged

and have a great day.



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