It Is A Sad Thing When God Moves People To The Bottom   

“Applying wisdom to your life each day will help you keep distractions and foolishness away.”

People who walk and operate in the spirit of pride, arrogance, evil, and wrongdoing are people who also walk and operate in sin. God frowns on people who think they are better and above others, as well as those who think they can do wrong and get away with it. God has a way of shifting people and moving them around because people who are proud, arrogant, self-righteous and who think they are better and above others always feel as if they are on top by looking down on others. While these individuals are busy looking down on others, God is behind the scenes slowly rearranging things so that the high-minded person will eventually end up beneath the people they have been looking down on. 

Proverbs 21:4 & 24 says “Proud looks and proud thoughts are sins. They show a person is evil.  Proud people think they are better than others. They show they are evil by what they do.” (ERV) 

Be blessed, be encouraged and have a great day.



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