Help Is Available For Everyone 

“Applying wisdom to your life each day will help you keep distractions and foolishness away.”

There will be times when God will place people in your life who will need help; the need could be great or it could be small. Whatever the need may be, God will specifically assign the person to you just to see if you are going to help the person or if you are going to reject the person. God will never assign a person to your life if He knew you could not help, assist or meet the need of the individual. Today, it may be someone else who may be in need, but tomorrow it could easily be you. You should never think that you will not need the help of others or never be so close-minded by only going to certain people when you have a need. Neither should you try to choose only certain people to help by picking and choosing who you want to help because God can easily rearrange things, as well as remove things and people in and out of your life to show you that it is not about you or what you may have. When God connects people together, even for the purpose of helping or assisting, God has a reason for it and for everyone involved. God desires that no one miss their moment. 

Proverb 21:13 says “Those who shut their ears to the cries of the poor will be ignored in their own time of need.” (NLT) 

Be blessed, be encouraged and have a great day.



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