Daily Declaration

This is a declaration, as well as a prayer that I repeat each day over my life. The purpose of it is to speak life into my personal life, my children and grandchildren’s lives, as well as my situations and circumstances.

Sometimes, we as people have to encourage ourselves, in order to maintain a positive mindset so that we can maintain a positive attitude to get to the place, in which we are headed. We cannot become distracted, and we must not entertain foolishness, nor can we allow anything or anyone to stop, block, and hold us back. In order to keep moving forward, we must stay focused.


On this day, (insert today’s date), I declare that I AM COURAGEOUS because 2 Timothy 1:7 says “For God has not given me the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Fear is not of God. I have the courage to step out on faith and do the seemingly impossible. Anything that I have been afraid to do, and I know that God has called me to do, I will JUST DO IT!

I HAVE CONFIDENCE because Philippians 4:13 says “I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me.” Greater is He that is working within me than he that is in the world. I have the power of the Most High God working in me, and His Son Jesus Christ is steadily making intercession for me. I do not have to worry about anything. I will walk with my head held up because I have high self-esteem knowing that I am somebody, not only because Jesus said it, but because I am a child of The Most High King!

I WALK IN VICTORY because Romans 8:28 says “And l know that ALL things work together for my good because l love God, and l am called according to His purpose.” My heart’s desire is to see God in everything so I will not miss Him in anything. God always has the last and final say in each and every situation in my life, and only He will be glorified and get the glory out of ALL things!

I WALK IN TRUTH because Proverbs 3:5 & 6 says for me to “Trust in the Lord with ALL my heart, and do not depend on my own understanding. I will seek God’s will in everything that I do so that He shall direct my paths, and l won’t be led astray.”

I AM AFFIRMED. I AM APPROVED, AND I AM VALIDATED because Jeremiah 1:5 says “Before God formed me in my mother’s womb, He already knew me and and He already chose me.” So therefore, that tells me that l was already hand selected and picked out, as well as anointed by God before l was born, and that is what sets me apart from other people, and makes me different and unique, and what causes me not to fit in with others; so therefore, l do not need the approval from any human being because God has already put His seal on me, and l am marked by Him.

My prayer: Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, I am asking you to go before me and my family by setting the atmosphere and environment to protect each of us in each and every area of our lives. Lord, please forgive us for anything that we have done, said, or thought that may not have been pleasing or acceptable in your sight or that may hinder this prayer or any other prayer that we may pray. Lord, l ask that you would be so kind to grant each of us with your grace, as well as your mercy. Lord, I ask that you would keep us steps ahead of the enemy by giving us strategies. Lord, I ask that you would sharpen our discernment, making it very sharp, keen and alert as a laser, and cause us to operate wisely in every area of our lives, and seek you in every decision that we make; as well as make our eyes and ears sharp in the natural, as well as in the spiritual causing us to be able to see through your eyes and hear through your ears. Lord, allow our hearts to beat in sync with your heartbeat and allow us to be able to see through fake people and people who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and people who have on snake’s skin. Lord, I ask that you would cover every vision, dream, goal, talent, gift, skill, prophecy, and revelation that you have given us. Lord, I ask that you would bless, protect and watch over me, my children, and my grandchildren by dispatching angels on our behalf; covering, saturating, and drenching us all in the Blood of Jesus. Lord, l ask that you would keep me, my children, and my grandchildren hidden in you so that the enemy cannot find us, nor pluck us out of your Hand to do us any harm. I speak that NO weapon that is formed against any of us will prosper. I cancel EVERY assignment of the enemy over each of our lives; reversing every curse, sending it ALL back to the sender; declaring that WE WILL NOT and SHALL NOT feel any effects of any of it. I renounce EVERY negative, idle, ungodly, demonic, and satanic word that has been spoken and released over each of our lives. I send it ALL back to the enemy in the package and in the form of a boomerang. I bind witchcraft, voodoo, hexes, vexes, chants, spells, black magic, white magic, powders, and any kind of evil or satanic works, and anything else that the enemy may be trying to use against me and my family to control, manipulate, stop, or block us. I break the back of every witch and snake, and serve you notice that your powers are weakened, and you are cut off at the root, and even at the head. You are null and void, and you have no place in the life of me, my children, nor my grandchildren’s lives. Lord, I ask that you would not allow me, my children, nor my grandchildren to entertain people who are negative; those who come to distract us, those who come to get us off course and off track, those who hate us, as well as those who hate on us, and also those who doubt and don’t believe in us. Lord, help each of us to be sensitive to your voice by instructing us to do things only the way in which you will have us to do them and teach us to put ALL things in your hand, and leave them there and not go back to pick them up once we place them in your Hand. Lord, I thank and praise you for considering and choosing each of us for the assignments that you will entrust into each of our hands, and l thank you for giving us the strength for enduring the process of completing every assignment, and not giving up. Lord, I thank you for every gift in which you have placed on the inside of each of us, and how you will allow our gifts to make room for us. Lord, I thank you for every door that you will open on our behalf, and I thank you for every divine relationship and connection that you will allow us to come into contact with, and for the favor that is attached to each open door. Lord, l ask that you would order and strategically ordain every one of our footsteps, with not one step being unaccounted for. I ask that you would lay us on the hearts and minds of those that can, and will catch us in the spirit. God, to you be ALL the glory for each and EVERYTHING. l ask and pray all of these blessings in your son Jesus’ name. Thank God, Amen and Amen.



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