Wisdom Pearls

Pearls of wisdom to help guide you along the way, so that you may be encouraged throughout the day.

 “Pearls of wisdom beaded together to encourage, guide and direct you each day as you travel along the way.”


Applying wisdom to your life each day will keep distractions and foolishness away.

Proverbs 11:30 says “A good person gives life to others; the wise person teaches others how to live.” (NCV)

“Wisdom is one of the greatest gifts that any person can receive. It will never expire or spoil. It will never go out of style. It will never get old. There is no age requirement to receiving it. There is no limit to how much any person can have. The best part about it is; you can share it and allow it to keep getting passed from one person to another, and no one will get hurt from it.”</div

A word of wisdom a day helps keep foolishness away.

One of the wisest ways to strategize and stay steps ahead of the enemy is; when God begins to reveal things to you concerning the enemy, it is not even important to let the enemy know that you are aware and see what they are doing. The more you see, and not say what you see or have seen is the best way to allow God to keep giving you strategies concerning staying steps ahead of the enemy. Eventually the enemy will know that you are aware of the things they are doing or have done and the enemy will flee. That is why it is very important to pray about everything, and allow God to reveal everything that needs to be revealed. You might not see it in the beginning, but don’t stop praying. The key is to keep seeking God, and allow Him to reveal everything that you need to see, as well as know and the wisdom is not saying everything that you see because if you see it, chances are; God has already revealed it to someone else, as well. There is a reason why we have ears to hear, eyes to see, and discernment to know what is right and what is wrong. Praying and seeking wisdom each day is the way.

Wisdom is a must! Whenever a person does things out of ignorance, and think they are being smart and don’t have all of the details involved with the things they are doing or have done, that is pure foolishness combined with being out of order. It pays to get all of the facts and details.

Wisdom will be your dear, closest and smartest friend if you would allow her. She will truly be there for you every time you need her. She not only will be your friend; but she will also be a teacher, an instructor, an advisor, a counselor, a mentor, a life coach, and so much more. She will teach you how to say less and pray more. In the process, she will keep you informed on things that you need to see, as well as hear. She will keep you focused when distractions come to get you off track or off course. She will always give you strategies, so that you can stay steps ahead of the enemy. If you would take the time to love her, she will love you back, and the two of you will be connected all the way to the end.

We have choices, and each individual has the right to choose. With that being said, “There are some things that we do not have to entertain; such as foolishness and things that are sent to distract us. Make the wisest choice by ignoring it or dismissing it. The key is to remain focused.

Wisdom will speak to you if you would listen to her. People are brought in our life for the purpose of being a blessing or a lesson. If you would pray and ask God to show you who is the blessing, and who is the lesson; He will do it. Wisdom will show you how to receive the blessing, and learn from the lesson.

Wisdom will show you who and who not to connect yourself with. Be careful of what you come into agreement with, because anything you come into agreement with, you are coming into covenant with.

Wisdom will keep a person in a posture of humility. Titles and positions will get a person nowhere, but being a servant can get a person everywhere. We should always have a heart of humility to serve others, and not expect others to serve us.


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